Work Packages

WP1 - Enhancing public health preparedness and availability of impactful real time data through digital health surveillance with SORMAS

WP Leader: Anja Hauri, HZI


  • To capture and provide real-time data on spread, transmission and clinical information of COVID-19 infections from areas of the world likely to be affected and/or vulnerable through the mHealth approach SORMAS in order to improve risk assessment.
  • To strengthen the surveillance and outbreak management of COVID-19 in countries likely to be affected and/or vulnerable by complementing the existing systems with SORMAS.
  • To contribute to a long term eSurveillance strategy by embedding SORMAS in the surveillance systems of the respective countries in order to facilitate an early detection and improved response to many endemic and epidemic prone diseases.

WP2: Differential serolomics to assess sero-prevalence, cross and pre-existing immunity against coronaviruses

WP Leader: Nicole Schneiderhan-Marra, NMI


  • To establish a multiplex serologic panel for detection of immunity to coronaviruses, tailored to the differential diagnosis among coronaviruses and other potentially cross-reactive pathogens, based on Luminex technology.
  • To perform a screening of samples from the general population in Germany (German National Cohort (GNC) samples) based on multiplex serology to assess pre-existing immunity against COVID-19.
  • To apply the developed multiplex serology method in Nepal by collecting present and follow up (after 1 year) serological samples from the Nepalese population.
  • To further investigate the origin of pre-existing immunity by screening with antigens from other, potentially cross reactive pathogens of the respiratory system and thereby gain insights on cross-species conferred immunity and susceptibility to COVID-19.
  • To enable post-epidemic follow-up studies within the same cohort, like GNC samples.
  • To prepare for a scale up of the differential serologic approach at national and EU level by cooperation with other large population cohorts and to, e.g. implement effectiveness studies on (p

WP3: Mathematical modelling of spread and control of COVID-19

WP Leader: Mirjam Kretzschmar, RIVM


Mathematical modelling of spread and control of COVID-19 – by

  • taking into account patient and contact network data provided by SORMAS in a mathematical model to estimate the completeness of reporting and the effectiveness of contact tracing by SORMAS.

We will assess the possible impact of super-spreaders and investigate the systems potential to track zoonotic sources

  • using artificial intelligence to classify cases and characterize possible super-spreaders,
  • using methods from social sciences to study the added value and feasibility of complementing SORMAS with online respondent-driven detection to enhance case finding and increase knowledge on transmission networks.

WP4: Implementation Research Containment Measures

WP Leader: Kaspar Wyss, SwissTPH


  • To design the study protocol and tools for the evaluation of the containment measures, deployment and national scale-up of SORMAS.
  • To analyse and address health systems enablers and hindering factors that play a key role in the delivery and integration of new medical interventions in the health systems in the countries under review.
  • To enhance evidence-based decision-making for effective uptake and delivery of containment measures and SORMAS.

WP5: Coordination and project management

WP Leader: Vanessa Melhorn, HZI


The management of the consortium will be carried out by the HZI. A coordinated project controlling of the work packages ensures an efficient and successful cooperation of all partners and external experts involved. This includes

  • an overview of compliance with all deadlines for milestones and deliverables,
  • support for partners,
  • transfer of information within the consortium,
  • communication with the European Commission and public relations.

WP6: Ethics requirements

WP Leader: Berit Lange, HZI


This work package sets out the 'ethics requirements' that the project must comply with.